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Obituary: Thelma Milton

She remembered the first car coming to Joseph and the reburial of Chief Joseph at the lake.

Published on March 6, 2018 2:36PM

Thelma Milton

May 9, 1923 –– Sept. 6, 2017

Thelma Louise Milton, 94, of Wallowa was born in Joseph to Albert and Parthana McCall, the fourth of eight children. The few years living in Joseph were some of her fondest memories playing with some of the Indian children that were there and learning how to fish for Yanks.

She remembered the first car coming to Joseph and the reburial of Chief Joseph at the lake. The family moved to Enterprise for a short time then to Baker, Ore., and Seneca, Ore., following the lumber camps.

She completed high School in Portland and went on to two years of business college. Right after graduation, she landed a job managing a corner store and coffee shop. At this shop she met and married Bud Hunt.

From that union came three children: Melinda, Bud and Doug. Other than a brief time living in Nevada and California, they spent all there married life living in and around Portland.

Bud died in 1984 and Thelma continued to live in Portland where she met and married Peter Milton. They lived in Portland for a few years before moving to Medford, Ore. They enjoyed living in the Medford area and traveling all over the United States.

They lived there the rest of their married life. After Peter died, Thelma moved to Wallowa to be near family and live out the rest of her life. While there, she met many good friends –– some of whom had grown up in the same area and shared the good old times.

Thelma’s health was very good up to the last 10 months of her life. She was able to live alone and take care of herself. As her health failed, she was well taken care of by her son and daughter-in-law, Bud and Joyce Hunt.

Thelma was proceeded in death by her parents, all her brothers and sisters, one son-in-law and numerous relatives. She is survived by her three children and many grand and great-grandchildren. Cremation has taken place, and her ashes will be placed at a later dated.


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