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Letter: The news versus the opinions
In any reputable newspaper (not supermarket tabloids), there are two distinct kinds of pages: news and opinion.

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Letter: Kudos to library district boosters
The proposed library district is a great move.
Letter: Sick of editorial bias
Parenting and our school systems are responsible for both literacy and education for children.
Letter: Be an informed voter on library district
I am voting “no” on the proposed library district.
Letter: Reject library district proposal
This group had the option to ask for a levy of .25 per thousand.
Letter: Letter of support was ‘no-brainer’
There would be no financial liability to the county for this moral support.
Letter: Ogden is best choice for BOLI
Lou Ogden wants to take politics out of BOLI.
Letter: Sometimes tax bite is worth it
Libraries are a gateway to the ultimate freedom of knowledge.
Letter: Dunn is unselfish board candidate
Bruce is a timber guy, but he also recognizes that our forests have other values.
Letter: Daggett is best vote for board
Diane is approachable and will listen, reflect and act.
Letter: What is the Democrat platform?
Letter: What is the Democrat platform?
If they are not really on the platform of the Democrat party, then why would they want to pursue them?
Letter: Library district proposal is too expensive
County Library services, which are disappearing but necessary, should be prioritized into current city library programs.
Letter: Enterprise Cemetery needs ongoing support
Do you have an idea for what may be a successful annual fundraiser?
Letter: The library is important to me
I’m sure going to vote “yes.”