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Letter to the Editor: Kudos for WHS girls basketball team

No matter what happens, they play the game. Hard.

Published on January 3, 2018 10:08AM

There is something very great about the Wallowa High School girls’ basketball team. It doesn’t have anything to do with scores or won-loss records or whether the stands are crowded with fans.

It’s about excellence –– and expressing it in what you do.

This is high school. When there’s plenty of homework, who would go out for basketball when you know your school has had a losing record for years? Who? The girls of Wallowa.

At this writing, Wallowa stands at 2 wins, 9 losses on the season. Joseph is 7-2 and Enterprise 8-2.

But I’ve watched the Wallowa girls, 11 strong, at many games this season. No matter what happens, they play the game. Hard. They’re never lethargic.

Wallowa girls jump for the rebound. They race down the court. They shoot when there’s an opening, no matter whether the last shot didn’t go.

They never give up.

And that’s what basketball –– and the life they will face –– is all about.

Chuck Anderson



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