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Letter to the Editor: Law-breakers and the American Dream

It smacks of hypocrisy not to point out that ‘fear of Muslims’ and ‘fear of Christians’ is the same thing.

Published on July 24, 2018 4:04PM

Law-breakers and the American Dream

In a recent edition of the Chieftain, I read two opposing views on immigration.

A column writer penned a piece about “The American Dream,” seemingly at first about immigration but then spun into laments on religion, racial intolerance and politics.

In this piece, intolerance of “white religious leaders” I assume meant Christian leaders. So if it is not any different to criticize this religion than any other, it smacks of hypocrisy not to point out that “fear of Muslims” and “fear of Christians” is the same thing.

Onto a letter that was published. This was another piece on immigration, and I found it to be more balanced in that it pointed out the difference between legal and illegal immigration.

That’s a very important distinction and one I would expect a retired lawyer to acknowledge. There is a generous pioneer spirit in the letter toward legal immigration. We need to uphold order and avoid chaos in the modern world in which we live today.

Lastly, the comparison of American citizens to Nazi Germany is a tragic error and a disrespectful slap in the face of the victims of Nazi aggression and the many Americans who shed blood to stop it.

The American Dream can only be realized by understanding the founding citizens of our nation and their responsibility and commitment to their values that made it reality –– and not just a dream.

Juli Soots



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