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3 minutes with Justin Doherty

Both Justin and Carolyn enjoy volunteering in their community.

Published on February 6, 2018 4:03PM


Public Works, City of Joseph

Justin Doherty, 38, of Joseph has lived in Wallowa County his entire life. He is the son of Lynn Collins of Enterprise and Tim Doherty of Twin Falls, Idaho.

He graduated from Joseph High School in 1998 and immediately started working at the Joseph Timber sawmill, where he remained until the mill closed in 2002. He married his high school sweetheart, Carolyn Dunning, in 2000 and the couple has one child, Trevor Cody, 14. Trevor Cody attends his father’s Alma Mater — Joseph High School.

After the mill closed, Doherty went to work for Valley Bronze in Joseph pouring metal and remained there until 2017 when he took the job as public works utility worker for the City of Joseph. His wife, Carolyn, works as a department specialist for the Wallowa County Treasurer’s office.

Both Justin and Carolyn enjoy volunteering in their community. Justin is a captain at the Joseph Volunteer Fire Department and Carolyn volunteers at the Joseph Schools assisting in various programs and recently began attending FFA Alumni meetings.

The family enjoys all of the outdoor opportunities the county provides: hunting, fishing, hiking and more.

Q. Why have you chosen to remain in Wallowa County for your entire life?

A. It’s home. I’d be lost somewhere else. The people, the community, friends, family — they’re all here. I could go on for days listing the things that make this home.

Q. What has Wallowa County taught you?

A. Wallowa County teaches you a good way of living and how to learn. You learn new things up here by learning from other people — life examples. I read a lot, but what I read from a book seems like “fiction” to me — a story. When you learn from life examples — that seems more true to me. Wallowa County also teaches you to be frugal; to conserve and to enjoy the things that are free here — the outdoors, the mountains, the hunting and fishing ... Wallowa County also has a quality of time. You have the time to spend with your family, and time is so much slower and more realistic. I couldn’t manage living in a bigger city.

Q. Can you recall the first book you checked out of the library for yourself, and can you recommend a book for us to read that you’ve read recently?

A. I can’t recall my first book. I remember a book that meant a lot to me. I saw the story first as a movie when I was five or six, and I read the book later when I was about 14 –– S.E. Hinton’s “The Outsiders.” I still remember the Robert Frost poem from the book, “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” A book I’ve read recently that I recommend is the second in a series by Craig Lesley. One of my favorite books was “Winter Kill,” and Lesley has written a second in that series called “Riversong.” Leslie thanks Rich Wandschneider for helping him with the research on that, and much of the book talks about our area. I recommend both books. (Both available at The Bookloft or the library).


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