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Wallowa County nonprofits receive OAC grants

Wallowa Valley Music Alliance has also received a $1,230 small operating grant from the Oregon Arts Commission.

Published on February 6, 2018 3:53PM

Josephy expands partnership with Tamástslikt

Two more arts grants will assist Wallowa County nonprofits in enriching the cultural landscape.

Oregon Arts Commission has awarded Josephy Center for Arts and Culture a $6,500 Arts Build Communities grant to support a program, “Healing the Wallowa-Indian Divide.”

Chief Joseph’s band of Nez Perce was forced to leave the Wallowas in 1877. Joseph returned to purchase land in 1900, but local citizens denied him. Although the Nez Perce are not considered an Oregon Tribe, recent years have seen rapprochement between citizens and tribal peoples.

The Josephy Center, Tamástslikt and local partners will begin a long-term partnership with the presentation of a June exhibit by tribal speakers on spirituality and important cultural places. Workshops will also be organized to expose students to Indian arts including the scheduled dugout canoe project and upcoming Indian artist bronze art competition.

The grant application also stated that henceforth, the Josephy Center will feature Indian arts in the month of June, and workshops and talks will be scheduled in summer months to highlight Indian history and culture.

Wallowa Valley Music Alliance has also received a $1,230 small operating grant from the Oregon Arts Commission. Operating grants are notoriously difficult to obtain with most donors preferring to fund program establishment and capital expenditures.

However, operating expenses are vital for small nonprofits, especially those in rural communities.

“They made the application pretty easy,” said Janis Carper, executive director of Wallowa Valley Music Alliance.

“Every little bit helps in putting on the Courthouse Concert Series and Tunesmith and we’re really grateful for that. It was nice that we could get operating support. That helps with our planning for the season.”

The organization’s Tunesmith night of music will be 7 p.m. Feb. 10 at the new location of Sugar Time Bakery, 107 River Street in the Burnaugh Building.

OAC awarded operating grants to arts organizations with budgets under $150,000 in 29 towns and cities across the state.


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