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Joseph Branch Railriders becomes Railrider Cycling

Published on October 9, 2018 11:46AM

Joseph Branch Railriders, along with the Oregon Coast Railriders and Vance Creek Railriders, will soon change their company to name to Railrider Cycling.

Each of the locations henceforth will be referred to as a branch. The concession opened to the public in May 2014, offering guided tours along the railroad tracks five days a week from the Saturday before Memorial Day in May to the first week of October.

The Joseph Branch is located at 501 W. Alder, Joseph. Other branches are in Bay City, Ore., and Shelton, Wash.

Railrider Cycling is owned and operated by Kim and Anita Metlen of Imbler. The business has enjoyed a rapid evolution from the first railrider protype that Kim constructed from an Internet idea to the current design. Kim continues to improve the two and four seated designs.

A new use and unique activity on formerly unused historic rails in Wallowa and Tillamook counties in Oregon as well as Mason County in Washington have given new life to old rails.

The next season for Railrider Cycling opens May 18.


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