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TEE TIME: Golf lessons offered for children

Published on June 13, 2017 2:11PM

June is a great month to get married and also to observe Father’s Day. The sixth month also recognizes several national days such as flag, dairy and candy day, and if you can believe it, it’s designated as National Bathroom Reading Month. The latest mailing of the AARP Bulletin says so.

In support of the cause, AARP’s staff suggests their readers take their magazine into the loo for some light reading, like their “Last Laugh” section. This column encourages its readers to get off the pot and go play golf.

Not only is golf an exercising sport, it’s a challenging one. Although it’s frustrating, you’ll find pleasure in hitting a long drive or landing one on the green, a good chip or putt and clearing Trout Creek where an awful lot of golfers lose their balls. Even better is getting you out of the house into the fresh air.

Alpine Meadows is a great hometown public course with an easygoing manner. This year the club offers lower membership rates for newcomers. With less push, the course is a good one for novices and for the “not-so-much-a-novice” to practice and enjoy their game.

The club schedules competitive tournaments, a variety of men’s and women’s weekly leagues, Eastside Seniors and scotch ball on Friday evenings.

Regarding scotch ball: A couple weeks ago, Kathy Reynolds related this, “We had an exceptional turnout. Everyone had such fun and the potluck was the best in town, as it always seems to be on Friday get-togethers.”

Do you have a child interested in golf but don’t know where to start with golf clubs or lessons? Call the clubhouse for information. Heather Bruce gives lessons (both adult and youth.)

Greg Oveson, superintendent, praises his greens crew for the course’s grooming. He also gives credit to the players.

“Golfers are really showing good golf etiquette this year keeping carts on the golf path, respecting the greens and adhering to course rules. It’s much appreciated.”

June advice: Be the blushing bride, hug your favorite dad, salute the flag, visit a dairy, milk a cow, divulge yourself in some dark chocolate, read a book, and by all means, play lots of golf. Summer’s a wastin’.

Rochelle Danielson writes an occasional column during the golfing season.


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