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Tee Time: Alpine Meadow hosts Shrine tournament

Published on August 2, 2017 8:22AM

On the Friday of Chief Joseph Days, while the boot and bling crowd jingled through Joseph, the golf shoe crowd hit the fairways at Alpine Meadows in Enterprise. You remember Enterprise — the town you have to drive through to get to the little town of heaven.

In support of the Wallowa County Shrine Club, 74 golfers turned out to play in the annual Shriner’s tournament.

“It’s the biggest turnout we’ve had,” said Sam Wade, tourney chair. “Too, I think it’s the biggest turnout for Alpine Meadows this year. It makes us all happy.”

Wade explained that proceeds from the golf tournament go directly for local use helping families with travel and housing expenses to and from the Shrine Hospital in Portland.

“We also have a Rainbow Girl’s fund,” he said. “We haven’t any Rainbow girls at this time, but we are there for the girls when they reorganize.”

The four top teams:

First –– Levi Taylor, Mike Bisbee Jr, Gordon Higheagle Jr. and Easton Powaukee, 58. Second –– Lance Homan, Michele Homan, Tyler Homan and Faith Homan, 59. Third –– Stan Getz, Harry Groshens, Rick Hill and Eric Snively, 60. Fourth –– Marcus Bridges, Ashley Bridges, Michael McMurray and Kyle Crawford, 62.

Ladies Longest Drive: Julie Hickerson. Men’s Longest Drive: Mike Bisbee Jr. Ladies KP: Michele Homan. Men’s KP: Rob Hays.

“The teams moved along at a good pace. We finished up about 3 p.m.,” said Gerald Crawford. “That’s fast when you think of the many mulligan tickets sold. There was a time when the tournament was an all-day, all-evening’ event.”

Crawford and his wife, Lorraine, help with the tournament every year as does Sam’s wife, Margaret, and daughter, Christi.

You’ve got to love the Shriners. Their support for one another is obvious at the golf course and even more so at the Saturday morning breakfast at the rodeo grounds where their organization acts as one happy family flipping hotcakes for the crowd.

They’ve got the serving down pat too, even the tots pitch in. Proceeds from the breakfast go directly to the Shrine Hospital for Children in Portland.

Next year, let’s hope to see a comeback of the Shriner Fez and their little red cars to the Chief Joseph Days parade.

Rochelle Danielson writes about golf for Chieftain during the summer months.


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