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Tee Time: Lots going on at Alpine Meadows

Published on August 8, 2017 2:43PM

There’s never a dull moment around Alpine Meadows Golf Course.

These past weeks, if the greens crew or golfers weren’t chasing cows off the No. 7 fairway along the fence line, they were shooing sheep off No. 1 tee box.

Then there’s the case of the electric fence that parallels No. 7, installed to keep the cows out and (ideologically) keep the golf balls in. It wasn’t doing its job. After a good volunteer effort weed-eating the tall grass along the fence line, it was discovered the charger was defunct.

In another incident golfers stood by mesmerized as they watched a large truck hauler perform the art of moving an ancient 14x60-foot trailer house off AMGC premises. After maneuvering it through a narrow gate, the driver jack-knifed the monster onto Golf Course Road, then skillfully backed it south around the curve to the city shop’s wider gate opening where it could be turned around for transport to Idaho.

The AMGC parking lot brimmed Friday night as the Enterprise High School class of ‘67 celebrated its 50th reunion. Out on the course, scotch ball couples enjoyed hearing sounds of merriment echo from the clubhouse.

Yes, the golf course is anything but dull.

During the trailer’s removal, men’s Thursday play went forward with nary a hitch. Some fellows donned a puzzled look as they observed gals in golf carts out on the course –– you know that kind of kindly look ...”What are they doing here? Don’t they know this is men’s day?” The women were actually sprucing up tee box flower beds in preparation for the annual Gayle Beck Ladies Invitational Tuesday, Aug. 8.

Thursday Men’s Day scores:

Aug. 3: Blind Draw - Dick Anderson/Dale Johnson won low gross with 167. Chuck Haines/Ashley Prince, low net, 150. Skins winners: Dick Anderson, Bill Ables, Dale Johnson, Jim Kilgore, Harlan Menton, Ashley Prince.

July 27: Blind Draw – Terry Lamb/Dick Anderson, gross, 165. Austin Livingston/ Harlan Menton, net, 155. Skins winners: Dick Anderson, Jerry Hook, Gary Marr, Terry Lamb, Lance Homan, Austin Livingston.

July 20: Blind Draw – Terry Lamb/Gary Marr, gross, 176. A tie for low net, Dick Anderson/Harlan Menton, and Jim Kilgore/ Ashley Prince with a 177. Skin winners: Dick Anderson, Bill Ables, Jerry Hook, Gary Marr, Ashley Prince.

Rochelle Danielson writes a summer golf column for the Chieftain.


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