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Tee Time: Seventh green anything but heaven

Rochelle Danielson writes a weekly golf column for the Chieftain.

Published on August 7, 2018 3:48PM

In a recent “man-on-the-golf course” poll, guys and gals were asked to name their favorite green. Answers varied with nothing specific, but there were several golfers who were quite vocal about their least favorite ... the seventh green.

In fact, Becky Collman of LaGrande, who played in the Shriner’s fundraiser, was adamant about her dislike for No. 7, claiming she wouldn’t play in another tournament because of the green’s layout. Only Jerry Hook, Alpine Meadows Golf Course board president, claimed the hole as his favorite challenge.

Truly, that green is like no other. You’d think that it had been designed by someone with a deviate mind, which is truly not the case.

This particular green makes a golfer feel they either need knowledge of a professional pool player or carry with them a little magical-reading book that diagrams how to putt a green that has so many slopes and breaks.

Adding to the green’s difficulty, the approach shot across Trout Creek takes accuracy, concentration and a stroke of good luck. The green’s apron is closely surrounded by a hot-wired fence, a grassy hillside and a tall old tree with overhanging limbs.

It’s simply a tough hole for the recreational golfer to score, but again, you’ve got to hang in there. You don’t need a “how to” book or pool stick, just a positive attitude to accept the challenge as expressed by golfer Jerry Hook.

Or better, take advice from legend Jack Nicklaus. He was quoted in the 2018 Golfweek Magazine, “Learn how to play the game and be responsible for everything you do. It’s fun to learn how to putt greens and play clubs.”

Yes, but pros like Nicklaus never putted Alpine Meadows seventh hole.

Scotchball: Gary/Carol Marr, low gross, 40. Bill/Judy Ables, 2nd low gross, 42. Terry/Cheri Lamb, 1st Low Net, 45. Mike Reynolds/Rochelle Danielson, 2nd low net, 47.

Ladies Tuesday Low putts: Carol Marr, 30. Cheri Lamb, Cindy Parks, 33.

Thursday Men’s Day, July 26 –– Skins: Dick Anderson, 3 Gross/2 Net skins. Jerry Hook, 1 Gross/1 Net. Dale Johnson, 3 Gross/3 Net. Harlan Menton, 1 Net. Terry Lamb, 1 Gross/1 Net. George Kudzma, 2 Gross/1 Net.

Blind Partners –– Dick Anderson/Gary Marr, low gross. Jerry Hook/Mike Reynolds, low net.

Rochelle Danielson writes a weekly golf column for the Chieftain.


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