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Guest Column: Early fall lawn care pays off next spring
Ryan Oberhelman is Wallowa County Vegetation Manager
Community Calendar: Events and activities around Wallowa County
Enterprise earns planning grant
For the Record: A selected listing of activities performed by Wallowa County Public Service Agencies


Cross Country teams place high at ‘Scamper’
Ellyse Tingelstad showed up in first place with a time of 21:51.
Outlaws gridders fall to Imbler
Tee Time: Golfers part of Cycle Oregon 2018 visit
Joseph trumps Enterprise, tops Cove


3 minutes with Samantha Layne


Student and part-time librarian

Samantha Layne, 19, of...


Guest Column: See, you really can learn mathematics
Clem Falbo of Joseph is a Mathematics Professor Emeritus at Sonoma State University.
Main Steet: Health care can be economic development
Wahl to Wall: Brace yourself, winter is coming
Wahl to Wall: Joseph’s new streets are amazing


Editorial: Lodging tax lessons –– Do it the right way
This is a huge growing-up experience for the county.
Letter to the Editor: Why so many ‘clients’ here?

Capital Bureau

Voter approval for tolls moves closer to the ballot
Sponsors of the “Tolls Need Voter Approval” initiative may soon be able to gather...
Secretary of State requesting money for Medicaid audit team
Public safety training agency needs more space
Hundreds of chronic pain patients oppose opioid policy change


Obituary: Janet Bullat
In 2008, Janet and Chris moved to Joseph for the mountain views and quiet life.
Obituary: Virginia Brooks Sasser
Obituary: Betty Daggett

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Out of the Past: War causes teacher shortage in Wallowa County
From the archives of the Wallowa County Chieftain
Out of the Past: Enterprise residents getting their mail at home
Out of the Past: Arrival of gasoline supply cheered by all