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Dunn elected; library district goes down

Wallowa County residents are waking up to a new county commissioner this morning. Voters also...

Farewell, John: Well-wishers gather for Williams’ retirement bash
Wallowa County bypassed for Workforce Housing Pilot Project
For the Record: Select activities of Wallowa County public safety agencies


Greenshields shines for Outlaw tracksters
Hero Peters finished third in the 100 M run at the 2A-6 Wapiti League District Track Finals May 11,...
Tee Time:
Golfers peaking as season winds down
Joseph Eagle pole vaulters soar high


3 Minutes with Erl McLaughlin
He went to Steamboat Springs High, graduating in 1969.
3 Minutes with Adam Ward
3 Minutes with James Hambelton


Main Street: How good were the ‘good old days?’
Columnist Rich Wandschneider lives in Joseph.
Wahl to Wall: Wallowa County has top performers
Wahl to Wall: If you can read this, thank a teacher
Open Range: Saving Arlington from the wild calf


Editorial: Collaborative expansion a good thing
To date, 23 projects in 14 states have sold more than 2.5 billion board feet of timber.
Letter: The news versus the opinions
Letter: Daggett is for transparency
Letter: We need Dunn

Capital Bureau

Brown plans to address property tax system
The governor says she plans to work with Senate revenue Chair Mark Hass, in 2019 on a ballot...
Williams prioritizes pot trafficking, public safety
Ballot initiatives enter final weeks of viability
Primary turnout the lowest since 1964


Obituary: Claude (Jack) Melvin Pace
Jack was born to Ora and Helen (Green) Pace at home on Prairie Creek.
Obituary: Jeanie King
Obituary: David Turner
Obituary: Doris Barton

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Out of the Past: U.S. Army is buying horses; $135 a head
Prentiss Homan got 307 pounds of milk from 10 cows on May 7.
Out of the Past: Long-distance phone rates going up
Out of the Past: Hotel known for its fine ‘war bread’