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Two from Wallowa County attend MedQuest Camp
Exploring health careers
Boggans rising from the ashes
Flora School work party set Aug. 18
Mathews join Wallowa Memorial’s physical therapy staff


Softball is Farwell’s sport
Farwell played summer softball with La Grande’s Union County Lightning team.
Tee Time: Volunteers abound at Alpine Meadows
Soccer Sampler: Camp in Enterprise teaches fundamentals
Good deed equals good karma for Hayes Bros.


3 minutes with Kathryn Stangel


Stangel Industries

Kathryn Stangel, 35, of Enterprise is the...


An open letter to Pres. Trump
Wahl is editor of The Chieftain
Eating Healthy: Precautions can prevent food poisoning
Open Range: The great squirrel war of Alder Slope
Pastor’s Corner: Who you are is part of what you are


More to consider where wolves are concerned
Fact: Approximately 85 percent of all wolf kills that have occurred in Oregon have taken place on...
Letter: McQuead was the right choice
Letter: Not everyone wants wolves dead
Letter: County fair could be much more

Capital Bureau

Staffers for GOP Congressional campaign quit
Two former staffers for the campaign said Monday that they resigned in early August due to...
How could tolling revenue be used?
OTC moves forward on tolling application
First state-funded fast-track housing opens in Salem


Obituary: Peter Sawin
They spent their first year of marriage in the Blue River District along the Mackenzie River before...
Obituary: Myron Gibbs
Obituary: Robert Long

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Out of the Past: Granges oppose daylight saving time designations
From the archives of the Wallowa County Chieftain.
Out of the Past: Granges oppose daylight saving time designations
Out of the Past: Hail kills pigs, chickens; damages gardens